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Visual Forms  

Visual Forms History

Version 1.2

    - Delphi 5 support added
    - Options dialog now scales correctly (D6/D7)
    - default cache folder now editable
    - Thumbnail Layout information moved to Thumbs option page
    - Select Form dialog now scales correctly (D6/D7)
    - Zoom values no longer stored between sessions (reset Default height/width and recapture to change default thumb size)
    - New button to quickly revert back to the default thumb size
    - New shortcut keys to Increase (+, =) and Decrease (-) zoom when window is focused
    - New shortcut (\) to revert back to default thumb size
    - Fix zoom calculation
    - Add separators to toolbar (D6/D7)
    - Add Help toolbar button to (D6/D7) toolbar
    - Hints not working for IDE menu items (D6/D7)
    - Captions not being localised for IDE menu items (D6/D7)
    - shortcut key not working in (D6/D7)
    - Ability to control the main viewers caption
    - Refresh Selected command should remove the thumb of a module no longer in the project
    - Open Form command should remove the thumb of a module no longer in the project
    - Print functionality added. Ability to print your forms without having to load them within the designer.
    - Fix when installing into German language IDEs for Delphi 6 and Delphi 7.
    - Filter state persisted between sessions. So if you have the filter set to show only opened forms, then only opened forms are displayed the next time the project is loaded. - Wrapable toolbar (D5-D7)

Version 1.1+

    - Delphi 6 support added

Version 1.1

    - Borland Developer Studio 2005 support
    - Borland Delphi 7 support
    - Core rewritten to support older IDEs.

Version 1.0

    - Initial Release
    - Borland Developer Studio 2006 support

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