Important Information

JSDialog Pack (VCL) has been aquired by LMD Innovative.

LMD DialogPack homepage

This information is only available for a short period, please update any links to point to the LMD Innovative pages.

Trial Installation

License information

The trial and free non-commercial versions are the same. The text used in this document refers to trial version (to keep it consistent) but everything also applies to free non-commercial version. Where they differ are in the license agreement.

Trial version license
If you are using the components in a commercial application you are expected to purchase a registered user license (one per developer using the components) within a reasonable time.
Reasonable to me is 30 days. You cannot release your software using the components without first purchasing the registered version.

Free non-commercial license
Detailed further in the actual freelicense.txt file however basically means, if you use the components under this license you will make the application available to me; and it will also be available publicly for no charge. Applications for use within your company DO NOT qualify for the free non-commercial license.

If you require clarification about the license please contact me.


The trial will only work against 1 version of Delphi at a time UNLESS you change the directory layout and install the packages manually. The registered version does not have such a limitation as all source files are compatible with each different Delphi version.

Preparing to install

The trial only supports installation for one Delphi version. This is just a limitation because of the chosen folder layout (all DCUs are in a common folder). By default the DCU's included in the zip file are for BDS2006. When you run the trial install you will have an option to select one Delphi version. That Delphi versions DCU's are extracted to the common folder location so there are no manual steps required.

More information on the install process is available from

What the trial version doesn't include

The trial version does not include many things that are included in the registered user version.