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JSDialog Pack (VCL) has been aquired by LMD Innovative.

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This information is only available for a short period, please update any links to point to the LMD Innovative pages.

Installing TJSDialog

Document applicable to versions: Registered, Trial/Non-commercial

This document provides a guide to installing the TJSDialog product using the included JEDSoftwareInstall application. This document does not include steps on manual installation of TJSDialog.

The JEDSoftwareInstall application is included in the zip file you have downloaded (trial/free non-commerical) or received (registered) directly from JED Software.

This application lists all options available in the registered version of TJSDialog however in the trial/non-commercial version some of these options are disabled. This means that to access these options, you must upgrade to the full registered version.

Note: The installation does not copy any files. Unzip the contents of the zip file to your destination folder of choice. Preserving the folder layout of the zip file is a requirement for the installation to succeed.

You you first run the JEDSoftwareInstall application you are presented with a list of possible features to install. Each feature has a description next time them and also an Install check box. To Install a particular feature, make sure the Install check box is checked.

If the features Install check box is disabled, then that feature is not available for you to install in the product version you have.

JEDSoftwareInstall screen 1

Once you have selected the features you wish to install, click the next button to select the Delphi versions you wish to install the features into.

Unfortunately not all features are currently available for all Delphi versions. Some features are still been created, others are not possible in older Delphi versions.

Live Template features

There are two live template features available to users of BDS 2006. These features are TJSDialog Templates and TJSDialog Template Engine. These features are not (and will not) be available for older Delphi versions. This is because the Live Template feature is new for BDS 2006.

IDE Expert

Currently the IDE expert is only supported in BDS 2006. This will change in the future and the IDE Expert will be available for all IDE versions.


JEDSoftwareInstall screen 2

Once you click the next button you are able to select the Delphi versions you want to install the components for. You do not have to select all of the Delphi versions you want to install for now, it is possible to run this installation as many times as you like.

Once you have decided which Delphi versions to install the components for, click on the Install button. The installation will complete very quickly as remember no files are copied anyway so only some registry changes are made.

Finished installation

Your installation has now finished. Time to fire up your chosen Delphi version and start creating those dialogs!