Delphi Configuration Manager helps you optimise your Delphi IDE by creating configurations. It allows you to easily setup what component packages as well as IDE packages and assemblies you wish to load for an IDE session. There are several predefined IDE configurations to choose from, all you need to do is specify which component packages you want to load.

The end result is a more performant and streamlined IDE as well as knowing exactly what components your application is being compiled against. All IDE settings are unique to each configuration but can be synchronised between configurations if required.


December 10, 2006

Delphi Configuration Manager version 3.0 is now available for purchase.

Purchase Delphi Configuration Manager

June 26, 2005

Public BETA version 2.1 now available. Check the download page to download.

You must have Delphi Configuration Manager installed to be able to update to this new beta version. Installation instructions are available in the Beta 2.1 download.

May 25, 2005

The support page has been updated with four new items for Delphi Configuration Manager.

March 29, 2005

The support page has been updated with a couple of Delphi Configuration Manager issues.

March 11, 2005

Delphi Configuration Manager Version 2 is now available!

Here is a list including some of the changes made:

  1. Modification of Component Packages, Assemblies and Experts to be setup with particular configuration. [ adding assemblies is not supported and will be coming in an update ]
  2. Import / Export of configurations in REG format.
  3. [Bug] Fix to bug where running a Delphi config causes DCM to wait until Delphi has been closed (this is already fixed)
  4. [Bug] Issue with spaces in configuration names (fixed)
  5. [Major] Copy current IDE settings to the new configuration (allowing certain keys to be confirmed prior to copying).
  6. Check for new versions being available.
  7. Keep registry settings under one key. Thanks to Ralf for the tip.
  8. Tighten up the naming of new configurations
  9. InstallAware used for the installation. A special thanks to Sinan for answering my questions. It's a breeze to use and with the new version just released, it's well worth a look!
  10. [Bug] Configuration Launcher now works properly.
  11. Implement Configuration Cloning. [ feature also available in IDE Addin ]
  12. Add Upgrade support for users of previous version. (Version 1.6 only supported for upgrades).
  13. Added options dialog for Delphi Configuration Manager. [ more options will come in an update ]
  14. Added an options dialog for Configurations that allows you to modify some options for your IDE that aren't surfaced in the IDE user interface. [ more options will come in an update ]
  15. Further improvements made to enhance the Large Font users experience.
  16. [Bugs] Couple of bugs address around the installation of the IDE AddIn.
  17. Improve error handling when reading from the XML data files.
  18. Only display installed Delphi versions in the Version drop down on the Add Config dialog.
  19. Don't allow the user to exit the Add Config dialog without either filling out all fields appropriately, or selecting cancel.
  20. Created a Help File*

To download the latest version click here.

I pulled the Change Requests done for this version from StarTeam and there were 35 defects and 19 suggestions completed. Although not all changes got a change request and not all defects were actually in Version 1.6 - honest! There were perhaps 8-10 from Version 1.6 specifically.

As for what is next, other than some sleep, there are still 25 Change Requests (suggestions) sitting in StarTeam. An update will be released shortly after Borland release Update 2 of Delphi 2005 - just incase any issues need to be addressed (I'm not expecting any, but you never know) and then work on Version 3 will start.

* If you are looking for a good no fuss Html Help creation application, look no further than HelpNDoc. I download several trial versions of many other more popular Html Help tools and I was really drawn to the nice user interface and ease of use. It's also free if you are doing non-commercial work. I bought my copy though - it's only 45 euros and it's well worth it (and you automatically get the next major version for free). Very responsive to my queries (like 10 minutes later). Recommended highly and it is written in Delphi as well!